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Marietta's Expert Hail Repair Service

If you have significant hail damage to your vehicle... you will want to...

FIRST KNOW THIS... Hail is considered an "Act of God" and is a no fault status claim..


So then..


#1 File a claim with your insurance company.


#2 Contact Kent at 404 849-9438


#3 Kent will want to know what area you are in, how severe the damage is, and what the claim number is.


#4 With the claim number, Kent can handle everything from there. He will either repair it on site at your location ( light damage ), or one of his other locations ( depending on customers geographic location and convenience of drop off. )


Kent has and uses the latest and the greatest techniques and tools found from around the world to perform his trade with the very best.


He works with all insurance companies, both small and large, and several body shops sub contract his skills out for their hail claims as well. He will leave you satisfied and touting your praises.


Kent has a real interest in making the entire experience as smoothe as possible and without jeopardizing quality, often hail vehicles can be done in as little as one day..


Kent has ran jobs at major dealerships, worked at automotive manufacturing plants and even takes his work home with him at times. Mostly, it's what works the best for the customer.


Light to moderate damage which would not be necesary to file an insurance claim is real common and would effortlessly be estimated by Kent by appointment as well.






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