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Remove The Dents Before Wrapping Your Vehicle.
My Name Is On The Line...

Kent D. Row is my given name and my company name.

"Paintless Dent Removal" is what I do.

I didn't give myself the luxury of a business name that I could change and start over anytime things got tough. I put my name on my work and my reputation is on the line with every phone call, every consultation, and every job.


If getting a wrap for your vehicle, considering PDR is a great way to flatten dents out without costing too much money! Even if the car is scratched.

Since the wrap will hide quite a few imperfections, the finished product doesn't have to be perfect and the scratches just need to be touched up.


Always a consideration instead of leaving noticeable damage or dents and it reflecting poorly on the business you are trying to promote.


The photos of this silver 2014 S550 Mercedes of before and after are a great example of dents that would have been noticeable before they were repaired and now, after the 90 percent repair, are ready for touch up... AND IT'S A WRAP!!

Hail Dent Repair Acworth, Kennesaw and Marietta


Kent will bring you piece of mind.


Your paintless hail damage and dent Repair in Acworth, Marietta or Kennesaw doesn't have to be a bad thing. Using a skilled master craftsmen , his knowledge of the industry and his respected contacts for getting your vehicle back to its pre-loss condition is only a phone call away.


It's never been easier.


Kent D. Row

404 849-9438

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