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Personalized - Hands On Training

One on one, non-classroom environment, sculpted to maximize each person's speed and abilities.
Hands On Training -

A proven, one on one training program, it is designed to cater to the individual. It is precisely fitted and adjusted to their ability to absorbe information and its application to the task at hand.  This will focus on providing the maximum Paintless Dent Removal knowledge to them in the training time period and not limit them to a formula on a written page.


Some of the topics covered are:

Knockdown Usage,

Lights and Reflectors / Concepts and Usages

Accessing Dents


Panel Removal and Installation

Large Dent Repair / Establishing Confidence

Weather Variations / Adjustment Strategies

Glue Pulling (small and large pulling success!)

Adjusting Tools / Tips and Tricks from the Masters


The PDR industry is can be difficult to transition into and 2 weeks of training will most often be an established foundation which needs to be built on with a follow up of practice and application. This will refine the skills and techniques covered in the training period.


Kent stresses the importance of an open line of communication and of continued support to trainees in their work transition process.  It has been proven time and time again, that when calls come in from the excitement of a challenge being conquered or just to get a question answered, He remains available to continue in fine tuning the growth process and sharing in the excitement of his colleagues.


With any questions call or text him today!


Kent 404 849-9438


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